Sunday, December 21, 2008

No. 7 installment of ISBP: Eduardo Angell

Eduardo Angell, or Ed, as he is known to many of us, is an artist living and working in Poulsbo, Washington. This summer, Eduardo had a solo show at R & F Paints in Kingston, NY.

Ed writes:
Unlike most dedicated artists, I didn't go to art school right away, I found a home in industry. As luck would have it, the company that hired me devoted a certain portion of production to fabricating and/or finishing art work for individuals. Having come from a family of artists and craftsmen, I guess I was genetically predisposed to work in the section of the company which handled artists and their production problems. Needless to say, this industry experience continued my love for art and gave me much of the knowledge I use in my own art today.

After fine art production, I matriculated to the film industry and started a business building props, sets, and special effects.
While I was never a film buff, this industry allowed me to experiment with all sorts materials and processes and usually on a grand scale. I would say that my studio is definitely an extension of my early training in industry. My personal pleasure in art comes from the process of construction as much as the finished image, I've designed my studio accordingly.

The work is part of a new series on architecture for 2009. This is a diptych as yet untitled. 4" X 17" X 3" (see detail below). Wood, lead, beeswax and cadmium yellow pigment. The glow between the elements is a natural color flux that happens when the pieces are in close proximity, I want to explore this effect more. The detail shot shows the placement of the cad yellow encaustic paint within the elements.


Jeffrey Collins: Painter said...

Man that yellow looks so great in between the lead.

Ricky Santos said...

Do you know where does Ed come from? Is he peruvian? Please tell me...