Thursday, December 18, 2008

5th installment of the isbp: kirby grimes

I know pretty much nothing about Kirby Grimes beyond what he writes here. I really like this painting. Makes me wonder what his architectural work is like...
Thanks, Kirby. I like your colors, too!

�architecture is my 'work'
painting is my pleasure,
to experiment w/pigments in acrylic base &
explore my thoughts about colors.
like Mondrian, i'm not trying to make pictures,
just trying to find things out.
i like his chrysanthemum dwgs.& trees.
�my 'studio' is the bedroom floor;
a big mess.�
i sleep next to the open window.
i do some grids also.
this is a challenge for me
to show & tell.
thanks. i like your subtle colors.


pattynubs said...

Where can I see more of Mr. Grimes work? I did a seach on the internet, but did not come up with anything. Thank you.

pam farrell said...

Hi PattyNubs!

Thanks for reading the blog. I like Mr. Grimes' work too! Unfortunately, Kirby doesn't have a web presence that I'm aware of, but I'll see if I can connect you with him. Please send me your contact info to my email if you like.

pam farrell said...
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PurrfectPeach said...

Kirby Grimes designed my grandparents' old house, located on Culross Drive in Rocky Point, NY. It was a beautiful house.

pam farrell said...

That is so cool. Kirby, I hope you're reading this!

jos chiarello said...

Jos Chiarello here. Are any of your paintings available for dowloading. You did good with this image. I would like to have a copy of it.