Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Call for Pink

Greetings all y'all, on this final day of 2010. I will be posting the PINK works of art that you have sent sometime during the first week of January... so for those of you who have not yet gotten around to sending an image, there's still time.

OK...here's a call for art that has as its dominant color PINK
Send a low res (72 dpi/1900) image of a painting, drawing, sculpture, photo, digital image, performance, video still, print, mixed media, collage, etc., along with a label, and a ONE SENTENCE statement describing the significance of the use of PINK. I will also include a link to your blog or website.Please send it to pfarrell13@comcast.net with PINK in the subject line.

Here's one to get us started... This was from the Little Red Squares post back in April. Philadelphia artist Harold Venable was seeing pink, which is one of those color grey areas for me...I was looking for red paintings and he sent pink, which I always saw as one of those colors that had it's own category, sort of, rather than being a color like blue, which when lightened with white becomes LIGHT BLUE. But I loved that he had a more flexible conceptualization of the idea of red.

Looking forward to seeing your images! 

NB: I've already gotten some great images...keep 'em coming. There's no real deadline, but I intend to post the images in early January. 

Harold Venable
18 x 18"
acrylic on panel