Saturday, January 2, 2010

ya say ya wanna resolution...

Water Ribbon   2009    digital print/photographic image   6" x 36"

Okay, okay...I know the title is a bit of a reach. But it being the new year and all, I thought I'd do a little post on resolutions. Specifically, resolutions relative to my art practice. I'm not particularly good at keeping these promises to myself, but I figure it's got to be worth putting them out there at least. Let's call them goals. In no particular order:

  • be kinder to my brushes
  • listen to my own voice
  • spend more time looking, just looking
  • trust the process
  • get better at knowing when to put the brush down and say it's done
  • take more chances
  • let the damned paint dry
  • keep my studio a little neater
  • be unafraid
And now friends, fellow artists and bloggers, I invite you to share your art-practice resolutions/goals or comment on mine here...