Sunday, February 1, 2009



I have recently switched from pc to mac, and I'm experiencing a bit of a learning curve when it comes to blogging, particularly uploading photos to the blog. I've done a bit of looking around to see what others recommend for photos/images. Many mention Ecto, but I've not been able to download it successfully. So...I'm asking readers to comment on solutions that work for you when it comes to uploading photos and images onto your Blogger blog. Thanks in advance!


Tim McFarlane said...

Hi Pam, on Blogger, you can upload images directly from your computer by clicking the 'add image' icon at the top of the blog post box.

I post a lot of my photos to Flickr and use the 'all sizes' codes from there to post photos, as well.

Hope this helps! :)


Diane McGregor said...

Hi Pam, and welcome to mac world! So much better. I don't use any special programs to upload photos, I just upload directly -- you can browse your computer for the right photo and then click on upload image.

pam farrell said...

Thanks TIm and Diane: I am now able to post. Don't know why it wasn't happening for me before, but looks like it's a go now!

mary-klein said...

You might want to check out Karen Jacob's blog. She's a fine artist and blogger who switched to a Mac last October and wrote several helpful posts about making the move.

pam farrell said...

Thanks all...I appreciate your responses. I think I've got it. They say the aging brain takes longer with learning new stuff. I guess I'm proof positive.

Jeffrey Collins: Painter said...

Welcome to the world of blogging on a mac. I do all my blogging with my mac. I had originally purchased it for doing music and photo editing on it, but I do a lot of web stuff from it too. I still use my laptop for a ton of stuff, but it's mostly a web computer these days.

CMC said...

Hi Pam..........I know Karen and it has not been easy. I've been reconsidering my thoughts on possibly changing when my Dell PC finally stops dead. It's a little scary due more to software changes and the cost of software changes to me more than anything else. I think MAC people think it easy since they are used to it...but if you are used to a graphical PC like me, it isn't.

Good luck and keep us in touch with your findings.

pam farrell said...

I'm making progress! I've managed to post to the blog, including uploading photos. I learn something new every time I get on the Mac. I'm slowly shedding my windows ways, and I'm managing to find out where stuff is. As I learn more, I realize how intuitive the Mac is.

As for software, I've managed to find freeware, shareware, and even though I can't find my photoshop cd to load on the Mac, I'll make do with Gimp, and I'm thinking about buying a new version of PS Elements or possibly Lightroom.

I appreciate the encouragement from all y'all.


Mrgee59 said...

there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Click on edit, choose the image from your Mac and upload. It's a Mac and it's simple.
Enjoying the Mac for 25 years!