Sunday, February 15, 2009

isbp installment no. 16: diane mcgregor

Diane McGregor gives us a look at her New Mexico studio and work. I am especially impressed that Diane's studio looks this clean even when she's working in it. Oh yeah, and I really like her work. 

Diane writes:
Attached in a photo of a corner of my studio with some finished paintings on the walls and one in progress on the easel. This is pretty much how my studio looks all the time -- I didn't clean it up or anything. I'm a fairly tidy painter. I have fantastic light (although not northern light), from south, east and west windows. This studio is the largest room in my house, what would have been the master bedroom, but it is quickly getting very cramped and I'm considering renting a studio in town, if I can stand the commute. (I live outside of Santa Fe in a little farming village, and it's about a half-hour drive into town).
Rising   2009
oil on canvas    40x40 

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Rebecca Crowell said...

Diane is a friend of mine, and definitely, this is a really gorgeous studio!! Her space is very serene, and yes, very clean. The view surrounding her home/studio is a beautiful NM vista (her place is up a steep drive.) And there is this pet skunk who makes an occasional appearance...hummingbirds outside the is a wonderful, creative setting. And yes I love her work too!