Thursday, September 16, 2010

recent work...and source/reference photo images

These are some of the photo images that led me to (b)ramble on... In one way or another they were in my thoughts. I did not work directly from the photos. I was painting from the experience of them; what they told me, how they oriented me without my even knowing.





(b)ramble on
oil on canvas
48 x 72"

Soft Parade is a series of paintings and monoprints. The making of them was informed, I think, by the experience of the water, from the feel of it while I'm standing under the tow path bridge getting lightly soaked by the spray.

soft parade (ochre)
oil on canvas
44 x 48"

More photo images and another Soft Parade...

soft parade (sanctuary)
oil on canvas
60 x 60"


Ian Foster said...

Very interesting work, Congratulations!
I particularly like the last image.

lisa said...

Hi Pam,
I love the reference to the photos.
Congrats on all the work you are doing. I look forward to seeing it all at your solo show in the spring.

Janet said...

love bramble.

Nancy Natale said...

Good work, Pam! I like seeing the connection between the photos, the processed photos and the paintings.

Pam Farrell said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments. Putting it all together sometimes feels like finding some of the lost puzzle pieces!

Tamar said...

I enjoyed seeing the photos and paintings--and particularly how you said the experience of the photos informed your work, rather than serving as direct reference. Love the lyrical gestures in bramble.

David Foss said...

HI Pam

Very interesting seeing the photos and the paintings side by side. Love them both, very strong works, with a sense of the floating world, time passing by. Big painting Bramble is a real jewel!! Keep up the great work Pam!!

Pam Farrell said...
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Pam Farrell said...

David, Tamar, thanks so much for your comments. David was one of the first people to see (B)ramble On in my studio. Lots of walks in the woods at night with my friends...bare branches, dense undergrowth, sometimes a sense of disorientation.
Its companion piece is titled Ded Reckoning...

Leovi said...

I love the abstract language that you use in these compositions

jeanswain said...


Terrific and inspiring process and painting - the final image/painting is stunning! I didn't even know you had a blog, it is such a find! Thanks for sharing your deep process with us all.

-Jean Horton

jeanswain said...
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jeanswain said...
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david weir art said...

Very strong work Pam
Its very emotional painting
look forward to next years work