Saturday, July 10, 2010

call for...details

I was taking some pics in the studio today and shot some details of paintings in progress and thought how much I love doing that. Just some little piece of the work that stands out for whatever reason. I figure if I like that, maybe others do too, and thought it might make a nice online exhibit for the blog.

I posted this detail from an oil on canvas as my profile pic on Facebook earlier. The color is a little less saturated than the painting itself, but I like it just fine. This stood out for me as just one area of texture that bridged a color border. The painting is 5 x 5 ft, and still untitled.

If you would like to have a detail from one of your works posted here, send it to me at (one per person please, and low res 72 dpi only). Feel free to include a link to the work it's from or your blog/website, where the detail image is from, and a few words on why you chose this detail or what stood out for you about it.


Jon Manteau said...

Nice...reminds me of a Twombly painting.

Ian MacLeod said...

very nice Pam!!
I'll email you a detail of a painting.
cheers, ian

Hylla Evans said...

I love this as a complete painting. Okay if I print it out just for my bulletin board? It's inspiring.

stephanie clayton said...

This is great, Pam! I hope I have time to submit something...have limited 'net access while traveling (and slow upload/download).
You really come up with the neatest ideas here!