Monday, August 18, 2008

Artists Review Artists...My Turn

I've enjoyed participating in JT Kirkland's current project, Artists Review Artists on his blog Thinking About Art, and it's been interesting to read the reviews and see other artists' work. This past Friday, JT posted a review of my work, written by Daniel Mafe, who lives, works, and teaches in Brisbane, Australia.

I found his comments insightful and helpful. The painting I submitted to be reviewed was very new, and much different from my previous work. It's larger, more colorful, includes drawing elements, and is in oil rather than encaustic. This painting reflects another (and very different) approach to ideas about lacunae, a concept I had focused on in earlier work. I feel that I took some risks in finding this other approach, and I appreciate the opportunity to receive unbiased feedback on it.

Lacuna Yellow No. 1 oil on panel 36 x 48

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