Monday, July 14, 2008

Beauty in art: not such a black and white issue; or is it?

Steven Alexander mentioned my work and Kate Beck's work in his blog post today. He wrote a nice piece referencing the open thread discussion Why Is Everyone Afraid of Beauty? on Edward Winkleman's blog. EW's post has so far garnered 158 comments. It's a controversial topic evoking lots of passionate responses. Steven's post is thoughtfully addresses the subjective nature of beauty, using my graphite painting (black) and Kate's oil on canvas (white) as examples of another way to approach beauty in art.

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Deborah Barlow said...

Pamela, I happened upon your blog and it was an immediate connect for me. I'm putting you on my blogroll and hope my readers are equally enamored. Your work is stunning as well.

Deborah Barlow
Slow Muse