Thursday, April 29, 2010

seeing red/little red squares

Today's color: RED

OK...I'm a copy cat, and happily so.
This post was inspired, in part, by (everyone's favorite angry hillbilly) Joanne Mattera's blog post on Spring Greens  and her recent post on "Red"  as well as Kate Beck's post on Orange. There are others, such as the annual Red exhibit at Cheryl Hazan...
I love the idea and look forward to offering up my version of Seeing Red/Little Red Squares.
Thanks to the artists who sent their splendid red!

I'm happy to expand this as I find other pieces. 
I'll add to the top...

Ian MacLeod
Composition #194 (detail)
acrylic on canvas

Stephanie Clayton
Outside Break
acrylic on panel 
16 x 16 x 2"

Catherine Carter
acrylic on canvas
16 x 16

Gwen Plunkett
el grande rouge (cropped)
encaustic on panel

Michelle Marcuse
Far Sight
image transfer print to wax, oil on luan
36" x 48"

Harold Venable
18 x 18"
acrylic on panel

Diane McGregor 
Suma (detail)

Lisa Pressman 
red painting 
46 x 46 
oil on canvas 

Tamar Zinn
Arabesque 47
18 x 18
oil on paper

Paul Behnke
Poets' Mouths
30 x 30
acrylic on canvas

Joanne Mattera
Uttar 238

Kate Beck 
Constant (Red.White) 
46 x 46 oil on canvas (poured)
 Sue Katz
Dumpster Red 16 Square
found object

Rebecca Crowell
Stripes #2 e

Tremain Smith
Seeing Red
oil, wax & collage on panel

Steven Alexander 
acrylic on panel

Cora Jane Glasser
Query in Red and White

Nancy Natale 
Sticky Situation
oil, cold wax & oil stick on panel
24 x 24

Deborah Barlow
Dar Jeele
30 x 30”
Mixed media on canvas

David Foss 
Black Cross
Acrylic on Canvas

Pam Farrell 
Red Ophelia 
36 x 36 
encaustic on panel 

Tim Mcfarlane 
Image 2567: macro photo of the red side
of the fuzzy top of one of our cat scratching toys

Charyl Weissbach 
Botanical Red 
10 x 10"  
evergreen and encaustic mixed media on linen over panel 

Ken Weathersby
LRS color study 3
digital image study

 ...and because it's my party, I get to have 2 images. 
This is a detail from 
"My Favorite Flavor, Cherry Red" 
8 x 10 
oil on paper 


Paul Behnke said...

all the work looks fantastic!
Thanks for including me in such esteemed company!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,
Great job on Reds !!

Ed Angell

charyl weissbach said...

Hello Pam,
Very nice!
Thanks for including me.

Anonymous said...

This was fun to view. Thanks Pam for gathering us together.

Rebecca Crowell said...

red is a great color! Thanks for doing this, and I enjoyed seeing the work of some artists who are new to me--cheers!

Cora said...

Thanks, Pam- you are SUCH a party girl!

Tamar said...

Thanks for including my work!

Joanne Mattera said...

Nice! I love seeing everyone's work (and thanks for including mine).

Pamela Farrell said...

Thanks all, for participating.
Ed Angell!! How very nice to hear from you.
And yes, I am a party girl :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Pam for this response to a flippant comment. I enjoyed the variety of interpretations of the "little red square".

Nancy Natale said...

Great collection, Pam! I love seeing this work all together. Thanks for doing it and for including me.

Diane McGregor said...

Wonderful "red" energy here with this post, Pam -- thank you for including me in this project!

Stephanie Clayton said...

Absolutely wonderful line up of reds!
I so enjoy working in this color, and especially seeing what others do with it.

Kate Beck said...

Nice post, Pam!!
Thanks for having me, in such good company too...

Gwendolyn Plunkett said...

Thanks for this post. Loved it. And thanks for introducing me to Sue Katz's work. Loved that too.

Art Trip said...

That's a lot of

Stephanie Clayton said...

I know I already commented once but...
Thanks for including me, Pam!
This is a well-edited selection. I have several favorites.

Ian MacLeod said...

this would make a great exhibition.

Jazz Green said...

a pleasant surprise to find your blog exploring the theme of red paintings... below is a link to a 'red' painting of mine, from an entry in my own blog also entitled 'seeing red'... what a coincidence...

sophie munns said...

What a delicious post Pam,
so enjoyed the delight of it...
the not-knowing-what-to-expect-ness of it -if that makes any sense...

it washed over me with so much energy!
Thank you!

annell4 said...

I loved this post, and to see what the artists did with the color red. The color we respond to emotionally, from anger to love, and all the little nuances in between. Thank you!